Date you joined the School
August 2013.

What do you do at Bethany?
I am the Headmaster’s PA.

Other responsibilities?
Office Manager.

What did you do before you came to Bethany?
PA for a joinery company.

What is your favourite quotation and why?
Tomorrow is another day! (You can wipe the slate clean)

What was your favourite subject at School and why?
Ceramics. I loved working with clay and making something out of it.

Why do you like working at Bethany?
Every day is different and knowing you have helped a pupil with even a little thing is a great feeling.

What is your favourite school memory?
Playing ‘Bulldog’ at break time.

Who is your hero and why?
My dad – I always look up to him.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you like to do?
Sail around the world!

Andrea Discombe, Headmaster's PA