I was born in Ely, Cambridgeshire and was privileged to be a “scholarship boy” at the Cathedral school. I completed a degree in European Studies specialising in German at the University of East Anglia and went straight back to school as a teacher. After a long stint as a boarding housemaster and at a new school as Head of Modern Languages, I became head of a “Prep” School for nine years and then Head of Battle Abbey School for a further 16 years.

Following years of experience inspecting schools such as Bethany in England, I now regularly go out to the UAE to inspect their schools. They use a UK based inspection model and this helps me when I go into classes at Bethany as part of my role as chair of the governors’ Education Committee. I have a special responsibility for English and SEND at Bethany as well as the general education brief and I sit on the management committee.

I have been with Bethany for four years and I have been delighted to watch the significant improvements that have taken place in the classroom in terms of teaching and learning. In some ways, I believe that Bethany is at the forefront of teaching development and is blessed to have a dedicated staff, open to innovation and change and keen to do the very best for their pupils.

Outside of school, I have an energetic working cocker spaniel, who keeps me exercised and seven grandchildren and a large garden and a predilection to spend a fair amount of the summer on the golf course. I am also heavily committed to our local Rotary club and village church.

Bethany School - Roger Clark