I am originally from a farming family, based between Hastings and Eastbourne.

I am currently a manager of antiques businesses in Lincoln, London and Tunbridge Wells, finally setting up my own antiques business circa 1990 in Tunbridge Wells.

I attended a prep school in Eastbourne and was the first of 40 pupils from that school who went on to attend Bethany.  I was at Bethany until the mid 1970s and went on to become Honorable Secretary The Bethanians’ Society for 12 years and I’m still involved now, encouraging memberships and close community with present school.

My interest started in antiques with fossil hunting in Geology trips through school. I am a keen gardener, interior design and enjoy property improvements. Skiing is a must, but I have no interest in other sports.

I still live on the family farm with the family around, in one of the farmhouses with a dog called Inches.