I attended a Grammar school in the Midlands, then spent two years at a boarding school in Reading.  I went on to obtain an MA in mathematics, physics and mathematical physics from Edinburgh University.

I spent two years working at Elliott Automation Computers, followed by two years working in European Space Agency at Darmstadt in Germany, then read for an MSc in Statistics at LSE and became a statistician in the University of London (London School of Hygiene).  I read for an MA in developmental psychology at University of London, and was Head of Statistics at University of Hertfordshire for 18 years.

I published a statistics text book in1986, and spent eight years as a Statistician in University College London. I retired in 2009 but continued part time with honorary contract at UCL to present day.

I lived in Goudhurst for two years in the early 1970s and then lived mainly in London but partly in Goudhurst until my aunt (a local GP) died in 2006 since when I have lived mainly in Goudhurst but partly in London.

With my wife, Pamela, I play (violin) in the Uckfield Community Orchestra, organise tennis club sessions at Goudhurst Tennis Club, attend music performances at Wigmore Hall and the Royal College of Music, and walk in the Lake District, West Wales and Italy.

With (invisible) support from Pamela I am Chairman of the Highways and Footpaths Committee of Goudhurst Parish Council.

Bethany School - David Boniface