Date you joined the School
March 2015.

What do you do at Bethany?
I am the minibus driver to Tunbridge Wells, but I am also a reader, scribe and invigilator for the exams.

What did you do before you came to Bethany?
I was a Biology teacher and Head of Sixth Form at Maidstone Grammar School.

What is your favourite novel/music/artist/film and why?
Les Miserables; the novel, film and music. It’s an interesting insight into 19th Century France.

What was your favourite subject at school and why?
Biology, because it reflected my fascination with natural history.

Why do you like working at Bethany?
It’s close to home and has pleasant pupils.

What interests do you have outside Bethany?
Bird-watching and geocaching.

What is your favourite childhood memory?
Working alongside my father in a carpentry workshop.

What is your favourite colour and why?
Blue – It reminds me of the annual flush of bluebells in the local woods.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you like to do?
Travel the world!

Bethany School - Dr Derrett