“If the topic is ‘light’, then at other schools all the pupils might make lamps. We don’t do that at Bethany. We encourage each child to interpret the subject matter themselves and then make something they are interested in, because if they are enthusiastic they achieve to the best of their potential.”

Marcus Norman, Head of Design & Technology


Mr Jonathan Fenn LLB (Chair)
Mrs Wendy Kent (Vice Chair)
Mr Peter Askew
Mrs Susan Bonell OBE BA FCIS
Mr Keith Buckland
Mr Roger Clark
Mrs Elizabeth Connell BA LLB
Mr Andrew Cunningham
Mr Matthew Harman BSc (Hons) MCIOB
Mr Nigel Kimber BSc, FCA
Mrs Gabby Power
Mrs Lindsay Roberts BEd (Hons)
Mr Dan Shaw BA LLB
(To contact any member of the Governing Body please use the following address: c/o Bethany School, Curtisden Green, Goudhurst, Kent TN17 1LB Tel: 01580 211273)

Senior Staff

Mr Francie Healy BSc HDipEd NPQ, Headmaster
Miss Toni Carter Chartered MCIPD, HR Manager
Mrs Clare Morey, Bursar
Mrs Emily Hill BA (Hons), PGCE, Deputy Head Academic, Teacher of English
Mr Alan Sturrock BEd (Hons), Deputy Head Pastoral, DSL, Teacher of Games and Geography

Teaching and House Staff

Miss Samantha Baker, Assistant Director of Performing Arts
Mr Ritchie Beckham BA (Hons), Teacher of English and Media
Mr Dariius Bell BA (Hons) MRes, PGCE Teacher of English, Media and History
Mr Alex Bolton BA (Hons), NPQSL, Director of Performing Arts, Head of Key Stage 4
Miss Leah Bullock BA Hons, Performing Arts Assistant
Mrs Nicola Clough BDes, PGDE, Teacher of Art and Textiles, Assistant Head of Key Stage 4, Head of Kiplings
Mr Richard Clough BA (Hons), PGCE, Teacher of History, Assistant Head of Year 7 and 8
Mr Cliff Cooper MSc, Director of Outdoor Learning, Teacher of Maths, Second Assistant Housemaster Kendon
Mr Simon Cuthbert Head of Religious Studies, Lay Chaplain
Mr Simon Davies BA (Hons), Head of History & Politics, Housemaster The Orchard
Mr Simon Duff BEd, TEFL, NPQML, Head of Business Economics, Second Assistant Housemaster The Orchard, Head of 6th Form
Miss Mathilda Fuller Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Sarah Fuller BSc(Hons) Speech Pathology and Therapy, Learning Support Assistant and Exam Access Arrangements
Mr Alejandro Garcia Teacher of Spanish
Mr Sherrick Hamilton BA (Hons), Head of Computing and IT Services
Mr Steve Hampton Teacher of Food and Nutrition, Second Assistant Housemaster The Orchard
Mrs Kate Harper BSc (Hons) QTS PGCert SpLD, School SENCo, Head of Dyslexia and Learning Success, Learning Support, Specialist Teacher
Miss Katie Hayward Art and Photography Technician, Trainee Teacher
Mrs Frances Healy BA SpLD, Teacher of English
Mr Tom Henson BA (Hons), Teacher of Games, First Assistant Kendon House
Mr Anthony Khan BA (Hons) PGCE, Teacher of Business Studies, Housemaster The Mount, Head of Student Enterprise,
Miss Sam King BA, Head of Girls’ Sport
Mr Adam Manktelow BSc (Hons) PGCE, Joint Head of Maths,
Miss Claire Mills BEd (Hons) PGCert SpLD, Learning Support Specialist Teacher,  Head of Year 7 and 8
Mr Marcus Norman BEd (Hons), Head of Design & Technology
Mr Matt Payne BSc (Hons) PGCE, Director of Sport
Mrs Rachael Payne BA (Hons) PGCE, Lead Teacher of Dance
Miss Lizzie Pearmine, Teacher of Textiles
Mr Rob Philbin BSc (Hons) Zoology, PGCE, Lead Teacher of Biology
Mr Devin Reilly BSc (Hons), Teacher of Science, Competitive House Coordinator
Ms Nicola Rendall-Jones BA (Hons), DTEFLA, PGCE, Head of EAL
Mr Ceri Roberts Teacher of Geography
Mrs Caroline Rowell Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Carly Shapland BA (Hons), Head of English and Media
Miss Fleur-Estelle Shaw MA PGCE, Head of Geography, UCAS Coordinator
Mrs Sarah Smart BA (Hons) Design Crafts PGCE NPQML, Head of Art, Assistant Housemistress The Orchard
Mrs Anne-Marie Sturrock BEd (Hons), Teacher of DLS, EAL, PSHCE Coordinator
Mr Mike Thomas MSc PhD, Head of Science, Lead Teacher of Physics, Second Assistant Housemaster Mount
Mr James Vickerman BSc (Hons) PGCE, Teacher of Science, Housemaster Kendon
Mrs Jules Wareham BEd (Hons), Teacher of Maths and Games, Head of Year 9, Prep School Liaison, Second Assistant Housemistress The Orchard
Mr Michael Willis Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Ms Leaf Ye Zhao Mandarin Teacher and Second Assistant Housemistress The Orchard

Non-teaching Staff

Ms Jacky Austen Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs Karina Austen Housekeeper, Old Poplars
Mrs Monica Beadsworth Finance Manager
Mrs Sara Cooper Marketing Assistant
Mr Phil Crafter IT Technician
Mrs Andrea Discombe Registrar, PA to Headmaster
Ms Stacey Ellis Senior Science Technician
Ms Rhiannon Eyre RN BSc (Hons), Senior Sister Wellness Centre
Mr Jamie Forde Swimming Pool Manager, Assistant Housemaster The Mount
Miss Chloe Fyfe Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Mandy Hallett  Housekeeper, The Mount
Mrs Ann Hurst Learning Support Assistant
Miss Karen Lane  Housekeeper, Kendon
Mr Mick Levett  Design & Technology Technician/Food & Nutrition Studies Technician
Mrs Sally Martorell BA (Hons), Registrar
Mrs Gemma Mewett Teaching Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Amy Mewse School Receptionist
Mrs Ceri Mooney School Receptionist
Miss Natalie Stockford Food and Nutrition Technician
Mr Declan Sullivan Teaching Assistant Apprentice, Boarding Activities Assistant
Ms Sam Sweatman School Nurse
Miss Caroline Webb BA (Hons) PGCE, Marketing Manager
Mrs Claire Rendell Librarian and Archivist
Miss Hayley Rigg Finance Officer
Mr Chris Thorncroft IT Technician
Ms Katja Thornton Exams and Data Manager

Estates team

Mr Jonathan Bourne Head Groundsman
Mr Andrew Austen Maintenance
Miss Cheryl Austen  Cleaner
Miss Kayley Austen Cleaner
Mrs Shirley Goldsmith Cleaner
Mr Bradley Gilbert Maintenance Operative
Mrs Anita-Jane Gill Cleaner
Mr Steven Hickmott Maintenance Operative
Mr Ben Howe Sport Turf Apprentice
Mrs Lucia Jaramba, Cleaner Art & Design studio
Mr Alan Jones Cleaner and Maintenance
Mrs Jane Marrable Cleaner
Mrs Jean Relf Cleaner
Mr Steven Sault Minibus Driver and Maintenance
Mr Danny Sears Estates Foreman
Mr Jakub Sleczka Maintenance

Mr Richard Smith Minibus Driver
Mrs Sue Wilson Cleaner
Mr Robert Wright Minibus Driver