Date you joined the School?
September 2018.

What do you do at Bethany?
I teach Spanish from Year 7 to Year 13.

What did you do before you came to Bethany?
I worked for Kent County Council as a Spanish teacher and I also worked at Mascalls Academy as a Language Assistant.

What is your favourite novel/music/artist/film?
La Casa de Bernarda Alba is a good novel to read to understand the context in Spain about roles in families. This novel is also part of the Spanish A level curriculum.

What is your favourite quotation and why?
“Life is a one-time offer, use it well.” – Unknown. Life is short!

What was your favourite subject at School and why?
Spanish and PE because I’m Spanish and I like to teach my language and my culture around the world and PE is my favourite because my life is based around sports.

Why do you like working at Bethany?
As a teacher, you are doing excellent work as you are caring for pupils and teaching them to be independent. Bethany is one of the best places to develop your ideas and career.

What interests do you have outside Bethany?
I like to go to the gym and spend time with my friends.

What is your favourite colour and why?
Blue because it’s the same colour as the sky.

If you were not doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?
This is a hard question but probably working in the police or something similar as I always want to help others.

Alejandro Garcia, Teacher of Spanish