Good news for our Creative Arts pupils

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What wonderful news for our Sixth Formers and GCSE pupils about to embark on A levels in September.

The prestigious Russell Group of Universities has finally decided to drop their list of ‘Facilitating Subjects’ and is now recognising the damaging role this has played in fewer students taking the Creative Arts as A levels.

“Critics claim it has resulted in a narrowing of the school curriculum, squeezing out arts and creative subjects in favour of the more traditional, academic subjects included on the list. Subjects like art and music have been among the hardest hit.” (The Guardian)

​​​​​​​Creative Arts thrive at Bethany School. This, therefore is wonderful news as it means that these universities are catching up with what we have known all along: that the creative arts are not only very important but in fact highly valuable in our ever-changing world.

It is always fantastic to watch our pupils thrive at A level.  Our results last year put us in the top 2% of schools nationally for A level progress. The fact that the top universities are now recognising the talents, strengths and skills that these subjects offer, is really important news.

Few local schools or colleges are still able to offer as wide a range of creative subjects at A level as we do at Bethany. Their departments such as Drama, Dance, Music, Photography, Media Studies, Art, Design & Technology, and Textiles have been side-lined or closed down in recent years for two main reasons: first, lack of funding, and second, the feeling that universities just weren’t interested in those subjects.

Bethany School looks forward to supporting future cohorts with their university applications in these subject areas and this decision by the Russell Group means our pupils have even more options than ever before.

For further information, see the BBC News.