Geographers visit iconic Flatford Mill FSC Centre

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On Monday 12th March, Year 10 and Year 12 Geography pupils embarked on a two-day field trip to the Flatford Mill FSC Centre in Suffolk. Made famous by noted artist John Constable, the Centre offers an informative and interesting day out for groups of young people.

On the first day, pupils had an early start as they headed to Walton on the Naze to examine to coastal management used there. They investigated the question: ‘How does coastal management at Walton on the Naze affect longshore drift?’ They answered this by comparing a managed and unmanaged stretch of coastline.

On the second day, after a hearty breakfast, pupils headed upstream to explore: ‘How does the River Brett change as you travel downstream?’ Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to get out into the field and master a new set of fieldwork techniques.

With the recent heavy rain, there were some challenging conditions but these were embraced by all. A special thanks to Ms Shaw, Mr Allen, Mr Bing and Miss Scholtz who accompanied the pupils to Suffolk.