A game changer for Food and Nutrition pupils

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Food Preparation and Nutrition pupils in Years 9 and 10 who have opted to do the GCSE in September were treated to a visit by Simon Gray from the Food Teachers Centre and Colour Sergeant Mike Beaton from the Royal Marines to take part in a workshop of game preparation, cooking, nutrition, skills and careers talks.

The day started with Simon demonstrating how to joint and portion a pheasant before sending the pupils to work in pairs to prepare their own. The Game Changer programme has been created by ‘Taste of Game’ in conjunction with the Food Teachers Centre in order to build more complex cooking skills, provide education about provenance and to enable pupils in schools to work with game.

The chosen recipe for the day was pheasant bruschetta. Once the game was prepared, Simon demonstrated the dish and some plating skills and the pupils went away and created their own. The standard was very high and all of the pupils enjoyed working in this environment.