French and Spanish visiting plays

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This term the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) department were pleased to welcome, once again, visiting plays from Onatti Productions.

All pupils studying French or Spanish were able to attend – and in some cases take part – in the productions. Both plays covered key vocabulary and grammar in a sympathetic way and the feedback from pupils afterwards was positive. The professional actors used costumes, soundtracks, props and gestures to aid understanding and the pupils had studied key phrases beforehand in class. This year the Spanish play, La Casa Encantada, was based at a haunted house and the French play, Mes Chers Voisins, was about neighbours. We look forward to seeing which enjoyable and useful themes will be used next year.

Caron Wickham, Head of MFL, said: “audience participation from the pupils was excellent; well done to those pupils who were brave enough to practice their language on stage!”