Alumnus and former Bethanians Society President visits Bethany School

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On Monday 13th August, Bethany School was honoured to welcome Brendan Parke, a former President of the Bethanians Society who attended the School in the 1940s.

Visiting Kent for a family christening, Brendan took the opportunity to return to Bethany and took a tour of campus – he was particularly keen to try and locate some swimming trophies from his time at Bethany which bear his initials.

Brendan regaled staff with stories of Bethany during World War 2; seeing the troops coming through Goudhurst on D-Day (and being given Hershey’s chocolate bars by the American soldiers), seeing over a thousand planes in the skies over Kent, and recalling the day the School was almost hit by a doodlebug, which was fortunately deflected by a plane and landed in a field of sheep instead of on the School grounds!

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