Excellence in Scholars’ Morning

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This week we launched our scholars’ programme for 2019-20.

All scholars were invited to attend a breakfast presentation where the expectations of scholarship were outlined. The presentation also emphasised how the scholarship programmes are designed to build persistence and resilience, leadership skills, broaden individual experiences, raise aspirations and improve individual outcomes.

Scholars then joined the relevant subject leads for a morning of subject-specific activity in their respective subject areas – this included signing their scholars contracts for the year, reflecting on aspirations and setting individual targets for development for the year ahead, as well as beginning work on projects that will form part of the annual Festival of Scholars celebration held in February.

Scholars progress will be continually monitored by heads of subject over the course of the year, and there will be two further scholarship events in the Spring and Summer terms.
At Bethany, we offer scholarships in Performing Arts subjects – Dance, Music and Drama; Creative Arts subjects – Art, DT and Food; Academic; Sport.

Drama Scholars

The Drama Scholars had an opportunity to work together on a Drama Workshop and made every use of their time together. Pupils across Years 7-11 developed their skills in cross-cutting, thought-tracking and movement to devise a series of scenes built around the play “The Crucible”.

This collaborative project enabled scholars to access a deeper understanding of Drama and also provide them with like-minded pupils and put their talents to good use.

“It was great to see pupils engaging with key drama terminology and direct one another. They were so enthusiastic and engaged, it’s very powerful when older pupils work with their younger peers.”
Alex Bolton, Head of Drama and Director of Performing Arts was clearly impressed with the outcome

The project gave the drama scholars access to three hours of drama time and through this work, their understanding of Drama will be developed further.

Dance Scholars

Dance Scholars across all year groups began the rehearsal process for their Festival of Scholars performance. Mrs Payne led a dance workshop with dance scholars from years 7 – 11 using a range of stimuli.

The morning enabled our scholars to establish their working relationships, build on their technique and spend time rehearsing with one another. “The time was so valuable” Mrs Payne, Dance Lead for Bethany led the workshop on Thursday. “These pupils have been selected due to their high-quality technique, control and use of space, to have them together in this way really engaged them.” The dancers will be showcasing their work during the festival of scholars next year.