Bethany celebrates European Day of Languages

Posted In Creative, Modern Foreign Languages

Every year on the 26th September, European Day of Languages is celebrated in schools and other international institutions across the world and beyond.  Here at Bethany we were no exception to this and we used the course of the whole week to celebrate not only European languages and cultures, but those from across the globe. This was so that we could celebrate the backgrounds of our international pupils and enable them to share aspects of their home culture. That is the beauty of such an event, it enables us to celebrate the diversity of experience that forms part of a school community.

In Modern Foreign Languages lessons and through the tutor system there were quizzes, games and other activities to get pupils thinking about language and communication. What’s most, Lower School classes had some online challenges to complete throughout the course of the week. These challenges were to see how far they could get with online language learning tools, Duolinguo and This Is Language. It certainly brought out the competitive side of the pupils whilst at the same time allowing them to develop their language skills.

On Wednesday 26th September, the catering team put on an excellent and varied lunch menu from the four corners of Europe. It was a great experience for pupils and staff to try some food that they had perhaps not eaten before. Year 7 pupils had produced some great work about the importance of learning a foreign language and the benefits this can have for future employment and social enrichment. Whereas in Mandarin, pupils looked at the Mid-Autumn or Mooncake Festival, a celebration that is a tradition in both China and Vietnam. Pupils were engaged with the legend of how this festival has been celebrated over time.

Following the success of last week, this week has seen the launch of two overseas school trips, one to the Christmas Markets of northern France and another planned as a summer language school residential in the south of France.