On est allés au marché de Noël!

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​​​​​​​On Monday 10th December 2018, Mr Lowe, Ms Li and 42 pupils from Years 7-11 made their way to Lille in Northern France to see the Christmas Markets.

After a 6am start, we made our way by coach down to the shuttle terminal at Folkestone where we made a mid-morning crossing to Calais and then down to Lille.

After arriving at the coach parking point, we made our way on foot through the town centre and it was great to see the natural inquisitiveness of the pupils as we headed for the markets.

As we were walking, pupils asked questions about the signs, shops and architecture and took great delight in recognising the range of vocabulary. Once at the markets, there was some free time for the pupils to explore and buy some of the Christmas food and products on offer. As we made our way around the pupils used their language skills to buy lunch and a myriad of sweet treats.

After our time at the markets we made our way to a small waffle factory on the outskirts of Lille where the boss gave us a talk about the different types of waffle and how they are made. This experience would not have been completed without a taste of the products and they were delicious and sweet made from 100% natural ingredients.  The pupils were offered the chance to buy some packets of them in different flavours and we were also given a big box of samples to take back with us.

Finally, we set off once again and stopped at the large shopping centre, Cité Europe, just before getting back on the shuttle to bring us home. Pupils were fascinated with the range of different products available in the Carrefour supermarket and at the sheer size of the place, it was enormous! All in all, we had a great day, and it was a fantastic chance to take a look at aspects of French culture in microcosm.