El Laberinto Del Fauno – film analysis on Year 12 trip

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Spanish A-Level pupils travelled to London on Friday 9th March for an academic trip which allowed them to learn more about exam technique and film analysis. The film they are studying in class is ‘El Laberinto Del Fauno’ which translates to ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. As Bethany fully supports learning in and outside of the classroom, the trip was incredibly informative and beneficial.

At the conference, the pupils received a packet containing a series of documents that held important information that would help them with the film analysis and how to construct their essays to a high standard.

Natalie Ward, a Year 12 pupil, said: “The first session was about the techniques of the cinema and was delivered in English by Dr Carmen Herrero. She captured our attention and was very funny. We looked at elements such as characterization, themes, sub-text and setting in the context of cinematographic techniques.

“The last session was about how to structure your response in the exams. This part also helped me as I was a bit confused as how to respond in my future exams. I now feel more confident and prepared.”

Rossy McGovern, Lead Teacher for Spanish, accompanied the pupils. She said: “One of the speakers was a Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University. She was incredibly thorough and opened our eyes to a lot of new information. Ultimately, I would say that the conference was incredibly well organised and definitely a useful experience.”

Maria Mosnegutu Gutierrez, who also attended the trip, said: “During the speech I was writing a lot about Pan’s Labyrinth as they explained it to us. The speech was in English and Spanish which helped me with both languages. I think we should do more study days like this one to learn more as it is fun and entertaining. In conclusion, this experience has been amazing and I would like to do it again.”