Eco ‘Warriors’ encourage peers to recycle to save the planet

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This week, Eco Schools delivered a chapel service to the whole school across two mornings. The pupils were given the Easter holiday to each plan a section of the 20-minute assembly then had time for only one rehearsal before their delivery.

The pupils worked incredibly hard to get information across to their peers: the planet is dying and we need to look after it better.

Recycling is vital to ensure our future is sustainable, but it is reactive instead of proactive. Limiting your purchases of single-use plastics (there are always alternatives!) and conserving utilities is a great start for every family.

Bethany School is also one of the few local centres you can recycle your glass. Take advantage of this while on the school run or with your child travelling in on the school bus.

Year 10 pupil, Max Brown, said: “Please support our initiative to make our planet a greener, healthier place! If you bring any flat batteries to School, either via your child’s tutor or School Office, then we can make sure they’re recycled properly.”