Dr Jamie Hawkes visits Bethany chemists

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On Friday 23rd November, the Year 13 chemists were treated to a special talk by visiting speaker Dr Jamie Hawkes. Dr Hawkes, who will shortly be relocating to Brazil to become a Professor of Cosmetic Science, has a wealth of experience in the chemical industry, especially in the health and beauty sectors where he has specialised in colouration and transition metal chemistry, and it was the latter that was the particular emphasis of his presentation.

Dr Hawkes spoke at length about the importance of transition metal complexes in a vast array of coloured materials, including glass (who knew that radioactive erbium produces a beautiful pink-coloured glass?!) and hair colourants, providing fascination and entertainment in equal measure.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the talk, impressing Dr Hawkes with their chemical knowledge whilst also asking interesting and insightful questions throughout.