DLS face the ‘Dragons’

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Year 7

Have you ever wondered if the Yeti or the Loch Ness Monster exists, whether there’s life on other planets, or how Easter Island gained its huge rock sculptures? Year 7 have been investigating these and other unexplained and weird goings-on.

Pupils had to narrow down and then research an unexplained event or phenomenon. Next, they had to use their best creative writing skills to produce a news report or script. Some of the best ones were filmed and gave Mrs Harper a few laughs.

Highly commended goes to Oscar Lewis for his script on Easter Island, Bertie Green for his news report on the Loch Ness Monster and Matthew Wells for his work on the Bermuda Triangle.

Runner up goes to David Kennedy for his work on the lost city of Atlantis. David spent a long time carefully crafting his script which he managed to film using extras from the Sixth Form.

First prize goes to William Butters for his excellent work about UFOs. He used many different sources to double check his facts and wrote an interesting and intriguing news report which included his and others’ opinions.


Year 8

In the first half of the Spring term, Year 8 DLS pupils worked on a competition to design a poster and a timeline on a World Record of their choice. The different posters were imaginative and well presented, illustrating how that record had changed through time.

Highly commended goes to Fenton Sinclair for his well thought out poster on the fastest football goal, Max Cunliffe for his microphone poster about the biggest pop concerts and Connor Wright, who produced an interesting poster on the land speed record, where his pictures showed the development of cars that have broken this record through time.

Runner-up goes to Harry Mennie who had made his own Rubik’s Cube out of card to display facts about the quickest time for solving it. A lot of time and thought had been put into his presentation, which made it very interesting to look at.

First prize goes to Rory Neville for his fantastic poster in the shape of the “Thrust” car, showing the different records this had broken through time. It was eye-catching and interesting to read.


Year 9

Year 9 students let their imagination run wild to invent a device to overcome a common problem and use persuasive techniques to put together a presentation, pitched before a panel of judges in the style of ‘Dragon’s Den’.

Highly Commended are Jake Lancaster for his ‘2 Me 2 Poo’ idea, and Connor Kennison Cook’s ‘Stairway to Devon’. These inventions were aimed at overcoming mobility problems. Holly Adamson’s ‘Revision Glasses’ and Aidan Mathieson ‘Pet’s Friends’ were also well-considered.

Runner up goes to Felix Lawrence’s ‘T.I.C’, which he invented to overcome the problem of ivy damaging trees. His presentation was well researched, explained and effectively illustrated, which enabled him to handle questions from the Dragons with ease.

Joint First Place goes to Charlotte Davenport and Raphael Choudhury who were equally matched in their confident pitches in the Dragon’s Den. Charlotte’s invention ‘Button It’ would bring hope to sufferers of stage fright and her presentation covered the wider implications of her product, including environmental and manufacturing aspects. Raphael’s ‘Smart Adapter’ offered value for money and his passionate pitch impressed and entertained the Dragons.