DLS Disaster Project

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Year 7

Dyslexia and Learning Support pupils had to research a human or natural disaster for this term’s competition. From this, they had to produce a timeline of events, make a fact file and manufacture an artefact. First place goes to Anna Kiddell for her Great Fire of London project as her timeline gave the reader a vivid, 3D interpretation of the shocking events.

Second place goes to Ethan Taylor who researched the Titanic and again the timeline shone through. The detail and careful selection of facts and figures made this a fascinating read.

Highly Commended goes to Thomas Sutton for his project on bushfires in Australia and Kenan Yussuf for his project on the sinking of the Mary Rose.

Year 8

Last term in DLS, the Year 8 group worked on a Disaster Project where they researched a disaster of their choosing, made a mind map of their findings, produced a newspaper article and created an artefact from the time. There were some well thought out projects this term based on many different disasters which made interesting reading.

In first place with his article on the Grenfell Tower disaster that included a great deal of detail and an emotive artefact is Matthew Wells. Very close in second place with a well-researched and resourced project on the Vajont Dam disaster which included a descriptive newspaper article was David Kennedy.

Highly commended goes to Sam Harman, whose work on the New Zealand earthquake included a detailed, colourful mind map.

Year 9

Joint first place goes to Eden Shead for her detailed project on Hurricane Fabian which was a powerful Cape Verde hurricane that hit Bermuda in early September 2003. Her thorough research included a wealth of detail and her letter from a survivor was very moving.

Archie Maunder Taylor’s Black Death project included a very detailed cloud diagram to summarise his careful research and a letter which brought the horror of the disaster to life.

Connor Wright was awarded second place for using first-hand reports to detail the 2010 Christchurch earthquakes in New Zealand. Connor made an impressive model of the railways damaged in the disaster.

Highly commended goes to both Amaya Candappa for her original choice of the Great Smog of London, and Will Harby whose project on the Black Death included a Plague Doctor’s mask.