DLS Competition winners

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​​​​​​​This term we focused on the ‘well worth mastering’ transferable skills of public speaking.

Year 7 presented a talk about an interest or hobby for two minutes. They then read aloud a passage from a book related to their talk.

The audience of peers and DLS teachers graded pupils based on clarity of presentation, engagement, imaginative use of a visual aid and whether they delivered a personal perspective.

Highly commended went to Ethan Taylor for his calm and collected talk on cricket. His well-structured delivery was packed full of interesting facts and figures.

Second place went to Angus Dunn who told us all about his horse with no cue cards! He gave a knowledgeable and well-structured talk which kept us all engaged due to his enthusiasm for the subject.

Pupils’ Choice was given to Rory Skinner who told us about Marine life. He gave a clear purpose of his talk and facts about each animal. Everyone enjoyed the images he selected for his visual aid.

First place from the teachers went to Logan Tabb for his engaging talk about space. He informed us all about all sorts of fascinating facts and figures. Extra merit was given for his clever use of language techniques to keep us interested and involved. Logan’s reading was also well paced and he made a good choice in the book that he chose.

The Year 8 group were particularly impressive with their attitude towards the Spoken English task.

A range of excellent speeches were given, which made it very difficult to pick a winner.

The peer marking was also completed in a mature and thoughtful manner, which meant everyone learnt a great deal from listening to each other.

Highly commended went to Noah Lyndon-Stanford who performed a Haka including actions learnt by heart, Shea Power who used his props well to speak about Thai Boxing, Will Butters for his informative talk about Mountain Biking and Harry Taylor who overcame nerves to deliver his speech on Jackie Chan.

The Pupils’ Choice winners were David Kennedy, whose speech about Heroes included language devices to engage his audience and Matthew Jones with an expressive speech on languages.

Staff awarded second place to Bertie Green for his speech on Woodworking.

Joint first place went to Samuel Harman who shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for Space and Milo Gross whose enthusiasm for playing the bass came through in his well structured and interesting speech on this topic.

Year 9s were tasked with speaking for 4 minutes on a topic of their choice and writing a 200 word story that linked to the topic.

Highly Commended were Louis Binfield for his dramatic story written from the perspective of a bull sent to slaughter to highlight the problems with meat consumption and Will Harby who used personal anecdotes to speak engagingly about overcoming barriers and deliver a strong message – never give up which resonated with his peers as they scored him highly.

Second place was awarded to Elliot Andrew who spoke about the importance of music. His speech was relatable and well balanced with facts and opinions. Harry Mennie also won second place for his imaginative story about a Death Row inmate with a plot twist at the end.

First place was well deserved by Amaya Candappa whose speech on acting was strong on language techniques delivered with flair, and Archie Maunder-Taylor for his shocking story effectively illustrating the problems with US gun laws.  Each of his 230 words was carefully chosen to create a chilling tale. Archie also received the highest scores on the peer evaluation.