Year 9 pupils tackle the digital skills gap

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In a recent report, it was found that, despite the recent revolution in the curriculum, changing from ICT to Computer Science has meant that there has been a dip in digital skills acquired by pupils nationally. Important skills include using Office applications and using a search engine to effectively search online.

This year at Bethany School, Year 9 pupils had the chance to buck this trend by developing their IT skills that can be vital for education and for the workplace. As a tailor-made and brand new subject, pupils were able to have undertake the eXplore IT Programme. The programme included practising touch typing skills, using new and common Microsoft office applications and its features and how to present digital work professionally.

To tie in with the main school curriculum, many projects were twinned with other subjects; one notable project on searching the internet effectively regarding the Old Bethanians in WWI which coincided with the History Project at the same time.

Feedback from pupils included: ‘enjoyable and extremely productive’ and ‘IT skills was fun and interesting. It was good to learn about the features on the computer and online.’ Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the touch typing as well. The course will be offered to the new Year 9 pupils next year while the touch-typing course will be offered widely around the School.