Creativity is an essential part of a Bethany education. Creative activities are enjoyable, develop important skills for life and are the key to success in many areas of employment.

Each year a significant number of our Sixth Form leavers move on to careers in artistic areas, musical fields or in drama. There is an abundance of opportunity at Bethany for all pupils to develop their creative talents.


Bethany has a thriving Art department, which prides itself on the wide diversity of work pupils are able to produce, be it traditional drawing and painting, digital art, ceramics, textiles, printmaking or photography. We have well equipped studios including a dedicated photography studio and darkroom. Our Textiles department produces excellent work in both constructed art textiles and fashion outcomes.

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Drama is an integral part of Bethany and its creative ethos, giving a range of opportunities for involvement, irrespective of age or experience, to a large number of pupils each year. The department offers many performances, exciting workshops and an array of theatre trips for Bethany pupils.


At Bethany, we challenge preconceptions of what dance can be and aim to ignite pupils’ own creativity in composition work. The confidence gained through achievements in dance helps to build social skills, increase self-esteem, problem solve and communicate within a group, all of which are transferable skills.



Music at Bethany is a place where all pupils can achieve, regardless of ability. The department strongly reflects the fundamental core values of Bethany by showing pupils that if they have the passion and the determination to succeed, then anything is possible. Pupils are given the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and are immersed in an extremely practical and differentiated environment which allows them to develop key skills that will benefit them in all aspects of life. Pupils can also take part in a range of live music events hosted in and out of Bethany throughout the course of an academic year.

Music at Bethany