Bethany’s ‘creative curriculum’ highlighted

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Bethany School has been recognised by Private Schools Magazine for our creative curriculum, with Deputy Head, Steven Winter, interviewed for an article highlighting UK schools which provide more than just the traditional range of A levels, offering a wide selection of vocational qualifications such as BTECs. Feedback from universities such as Sheffield and Newcastle indicates that these courses are increasingly valued by Admissions Officers, with applicants presenting with a mix of qualifications often being the most successful.

Mr Winter said, “At Bethany School, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Whilst we have chosen to maintain an academically rigorous approach, we have looked at skills forecasts and the needs of our young people today in framing what qualifications we offer at all levels. Recently, in response to parent feedback and our aim to offer a relevant 21st-century curriculum, we have introduced A level Economics, Computer Science and Mandarin.

We have also enhanced our Sixth Form subject choices by offering the LIBF Level 3 Finance and Accounting; Applied level in Business; BTEC Level 3 Music; the Sports Leaders’ Level 3 in Sports Leadership; and our own Creative Cookery course designed to prepare pupils for life at university.”

Read the full article online with Private Schools Magazine.