Beaver Computing Challenge winners announced

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Last week Computer Science classes were taking part in the Beaver Computer Challenge – a national competition that is designed to test computational thinking and problem-solving.

We had another set of fantastic results with the following pupils achieving nationally:

Pupils scoring in the top 50% nationally (merit award) for their age group:

Oliver Carpenter
Dylan Nash
Matthew Kiddell
Anna Bearfield
Matthew Jones
Edith Lowe
Joseph Thompson
Gabriel Au
Sebastian Clarke
Bertie Green
Milla Liu
Arthur Cairns
Beth Kuhepa
Olaoluwa Amusan
Emma Martin
Archie Griffiths
Jos Beauchamp
Harry Ip
Alexis Casdagli
Eddie Barnes Yallowley

The following pupils have scored in the top 25% nationally (distinction award) for their age group:

Ben Sanderson
Alice Colman
Toyosi Bada
Olivia Fraser
Frances Lye
Samuel Dobson
Leo Kilb
Adam Cooper
Jenson Alexander
Charlotte Ensor
William Stoneham
Ethan Hill
Sophie Lumsden
Dorian Bouilleveaux
Sebastian Smith
Luke Urquhart

The following pupils also came in the top 10% nationally and have been entered into the TCS Oxford Computing Challenge:

Olivia Fraser
Frances Lye
Charlotte Ensor
Sebastian Smith
Luke Urquhart