Bethany’s family feel and sense of community persists right through from Year 7 to Sixth Form. Being part of a community, however, is not just about looking inward. At Bethany, our goal of providing education for life means encouraging each of our pupils to become part of the broader, global community.

At Bethany, your time in Sixth Form is enriched by a great emphasis on ‘giving back’, exemplified by the charitable activities the group undertake year after year. Whether it is simple fundraising through bake sales or life-changing expeditions in the Himalayas, Bethany offers every pupil the chance to gain a perspective on what it means to be part of a community well beyond our campus.

Bethany pupils helped build a school during their trip to South Africa.

Bethany is about more than the here and now. With The Bethany Network, we give you the tools to benefit from the Bethany community, past and present, to help you maximise your future.

The Bethany Network is a dedicated community established to bring together all those connected with Bethany. Our alumni are truly global and have experience in every field, from architecture to zoology. Whatever your aspirations, there’s someone out there who can help you reach your goals. Whether that means offering mentoring, work experience or simply the right advice, the Network is an invaluable tool for giving you the edge in a world of ever-increasing competition.

BRIT Award winning producer, Charlie Andrew, is just one of the alumni you could connect with on The Bethany Network

I still remember the first day we visited Bethany School. The Headmaster delivered a speech where he explained that Bethany focused on developing and bringing out the individual pupil’s potential and that the School was a support network, almost a family. Our daughter’s GCSE results are testament not only to her efforts but also a credit to Bethany school’s ability to live up to its promises.

Bethany Sixth Form Parent