Staying true to our roots, Bethany School remains a Christian community, with robust and strong moral values which underpin our educational ethos.

All pupils at Bethany, regardless of their faith, attend Chapel twice a week. Services are led by our Chaplain along with the Headmaster, other members of staff and guest speakers.  Our pupils are also encouraged to play an active role whenever possible.

We see our Chapel as a pivotal part of life here at Bethany.  In a world that moves ever faster with each passing day, we never overlook the importance of setting aside the time for quiet reflection, personal space and prayer. Our Chapel provides us all with the perfect setting in which to do so.

Pastoral support

In addition to providing pastoral support to our school community, parents and extended families, our Chaplain, Serena Willoughby, is also actively involved with local parishes when her services are required. She is also on hand, along with our School Counsellor and Nursing Sister, to listen compassionately to any concerns our pupils may wish to discuss and to offer advice.

Outside Chapel, Christian clubs and activities take place on a regular basis at Bethany. Our pupils are involved with fundraising for a wide range of worthy causes and charities, which helps them to understand and support those who are less fortunate than themselves and to make a difference within the local community and beyond.