China and Spain come to Marden

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On Thursday 14th March, the Year 10 pupils who study English as an Additional Language at Bethany School, visited Marden Primary School. They each gave a presentation about different aspects of their countries covering diverse topics, such as food, location, festivals and education. This took place during morning assembly time, so the presentations were given in front of the whole school. Pupils and staff listened attentively to the information and asked questions at the end.

After this, each one of our pupils went into a different classroom and did a range of activities with the children. Tony, Harry and Vivi conducted a quiz about China, gave the pupils the chance to practise writing Chinese characters and answered questions to Year 5 and 6 pupils. Lucy, Sarah and Harvey taught the children how to make Chinese lanterns in Year 3 and 4 classrooms, while Miguel, Claudia, Paula and Alejandro did some art with early years.

All of our pupils enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to interact with a different age group and meet the staff at Marden. Year 10 pupil, Claudia, said: “I would love to do it again and I would love to go to another school.”

I was very impressed with our pupils’ presentation skills and their interaction with the pupils of Marden Primary School.