Celebrating the extraordinary

Posted In Dyslexia and Learning Support

This term Year 7 have been investigating some extraordinary people. They were set the challenge of designing a poster which included an article about themselves, their strengths and difficulties, a section on the good aspects of being dyslexic or about the good side of any learning need and to include a detailed research section about a famous person who has faced challenges and still achieved great things.

Highly commended goes to Matthew Jones for his poster about Winston Churchill who struggled with a stammer, Shea Powerfor his poster about Thomas Edison who was dyslexic, William Butters for his clever presentation skills and Oscar Lewis for his unique presentation and humorous views on the positives of being disabled.

2nd prize goes to Bertie Green for his poster about Richard Branson. With beautiful handwriting, he used real life examples to explain what he finds tricky and presented his work in a creative way.

1st prize goes to David Kennedy. David provided a very positive and interesting view on dyspraxia, his poster was extremely neat and colourful and his research about Orlando Bloom was mature and well considered.