Sixth Form pupils network at Careers Fair

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On Friday 5th October, our Year 13 pupils had the opportunity to explore their options for the future as they spoke with different companies and universities at this year’s Careers Fair. The Careers Fair is a great place for our Sixth Form to meet employers, make personal contacts and demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively. The pupils were advised to practice some suggested questions in groups before the fair such as what does your business do? Why did you choose this career? What is your hiring/interview process?

There were many stalls at the fair including Baxall Construction, Canterbury Christ Church and the NHS. Pupils were encouraged to talk to every stall and get good advice for their future and they seemed to engage well as most were taking notes throughout.

Head of Careers, Simon Duff, said: “The Careers Fair is always a big success as our Sixth Form pupils are keen to gather information about a company or a university and ask questions about how they can boost their CVs. We’ve been working closely with our pupils this year to find out which path suits them best and so hosting a Careers Fair broadens their options further and enables them to take some initiative and responsibility for their future.”