Year 7 triumph in bushcraft challenge

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For Activities Week 2018, Year 7 undertook a three-night residential trip to the Hatfield House Bushcraft Centre.

When the group arrived at the camp they were welcomed with a wonderful open air lunch. Pupils were briefed on rules and safety matters, and later they were guided on fire lighting, invited to do their shelter building and participated in a nutrition talk.

The first full day saw pupils up bright and early to collect wood. The plan was to make pizzas for lunch and they needed to get the wood burner ovens going! The pupils became very confident with the different types and sizes of wood and their uses. Following that, there was tomahawk axe throwing; everyone got involved and loved having the chance to test these new skills. Later that day, Tribes got Talent proved more likely to give everyone a headache than gain applause but it was great to see the pupils really get into the challenge and enjoy making skits. Best was definitely Ethan’s talent: chug a two litre jug of water in 36 seconds. The crowd went wild.

Survival SOS allowed the pupils to apply their first aid skills in a simulated plane crash scenario. This was a surprise for the pupils who had to deal with casualties and unconscious passengers. On the final day of Bushcraft, the group celebrated Adam Cooper’s birthday with American pancakes. Manager Stu joined the group for a tracking trail, showing them how to notice animals. This followed a trap making masterclass on the first day (they were tested on their knots and could still recall all the knot names) as by the end of the trip they knew how to find the best spots for hunting.

The final evening of the trip ended with custard flicking and a huge water fight. Everyone was all the cleaner for it and the burst of activity certainly got rid of any extra energy before bed!