Bethany wins grant

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As part of the change to the vocational WJEC Level 2 Catering and Hospitality, and our commitment to creating a professional working environment in the food studies kitchen, Ms MacRae was successful in her grant application to The Savoy Educational Trust in order to secure funding for new uniforms for Key Stage 4 pupils as well as to replace the very worn 13 year old Key Stage 3 aprons in the department. Russums Catering has provided the new uniform.

The Savoy Educational Trust is an independent, grant-giving charitable trust, whose main aim is to advance and develop education, training and qualifications within the hospitality industry.

Key Stage 4 pupils will now be wearing chef jackets, aprons and hats in their practical lessons which not only are a safety requirement but also helps them to get into the mindset of being in a professional industrial environment and should encourage the pupils to take pride in the standards and expectations that are being set. Creating the right learning environment is a key part of raising the profile of the catering and hospitality industry and helping pupils see it as a viable and important career option.