Bethany steps-up for the environment

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An environmentally-conscious group of pupils from Years 8, 9 and 11 led Chapel this week

​​​​​​​They asked the Bethany Community to begin to focus on two important environmental issues: reducing plastic waste and being water-wise.

Their presentations were both informative and thought-provoking. As part of their drive to raise awareness, they have planned two whole school events.

The first takes place on Thursday 17th October 2019 when there will be a Wear-Your-Own-Clothes-Day with a blue theme to raise money for the Charity Water Aid. Pupils are asked to bring £2 if they would like to come in their own clothes. The money will be collected by tutors.

The second is a ‘Bring your own water bottle’ campaign which will begin on Monday 4th November 2019. As well as helping to reduce plastic waste, it is also hoped that this will encourage pupils to drink more water which can aid concentration and promote general good health.

Pupils are asked to bring a water bottle to school each day – we would strongly advise these to be labelled with the pupil’s name in permanent marker!