Eco Schools receives a helping hand from Bethany

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Over the past few months our Year 10 and Year 11 pupils have been giving up their time to take part in Eco Schools, a voluntary activity devoted to the environment and the less fortunate in the world. This week they were able to send their boxes of books to selected charity Books2Africa.

The main aims of Eco School are to raise environmental awareness in the local community and engage in charity work, promoting education worldwide. In the past Eco Schools has raised money for wildlife charities by holding a book swap and a book sale. Weekly, our volunteers recycle glass around our School community and they are campaigning for paper to be recycled on site as well.

Pupils Verity Ross, Emily Hills, Amelia Knowles and Sophie Ovenden, said: “This term we have successfully sent books to Africa. We collected the them from various places and packed them into cardboard boxes. We think that these books will bring happiness and education to the children of Africa. As well as this we have also collected glass from the teachers’ houses and recycled them at the recycling centre. We have also done litter picking to keep Bethany School looking its best.”