Bethany EAL: meet Stephanie

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For this week’s EAL Interview, Stephanie from Hong Kong was interviewed by her close friend Sharon.

Where are you from?
Hong Kong


Why did you come to the UK?
For study – my parents chose the UK.


Describe your home country
I think that HK is crowded and very busy. It’s like London – an urban space where people live in high-rise buildings. People walk very fast – probably because life is more stressful.


Why do you think it’s stressful?
Everyone rushes from here to there and are working non-stop.


How many languages do you speak?
People there speak up to three languages: Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


What’s the most common transport?
The MTR (underground). It’s very convenient and takes you everywhere. The majority of people use the MTR, rather than their own car.


Is there anything that you miss?
Food – because we have different food – Cantonese and Japanese.


Tell me something about the culture
We have smaller scale shows compared to London.


What about the weather?
It’s always hot. In the summer it can go up to 38 degrees. We have a short winter and it never snows.


Are you planning to go back home after your studies?
Not sure yet; I might stay here for university to study theatre or design.


Is it easy to get a job in HK?
I think it’s getting harder because the competition is harsh.


What about sport?
The football team is quite good.


Are there lots of nice beaches?
Yes. You can always get to the sea in two hours or less. There is a lot of good sea food.