Bethany EAL: meet Harry

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Bethany’s EAL department continues to put its pupils’ language skills to the test in the most natural way possible: by having a conversation with friends! This week, Harry Yoo from South Korea is interviewed by Donya Pesaran.

Where are you from?

I’m from South Korea.

Do you live in the capital city?

No, I live in Sejong – it’s quite a new city.

How far is it from here?

It’s about a 13 hours flight.

Do you go there every holiday?

No, it takes too long. I just go back in the summer.

Do you prefer here or Korea?

I think I’m quite free here, and I like England. The food is better in Korea though!

Do you think people are healthier here or in Korea?

I don’t think English food is healthy because it’s so salty and oily.

But what about the people?

Yes, because they exercise a lot – I think most English people are healthy. They have hobbies like football. In Korea, they don’t really exercise a lot. They study a lot and their hobbies are playing computer games.

Do you want to stay here after Sixth Form?

Yes, if I get a good offer. It depends on the tuition fees as well.

What do you want to study?

Maybe Computer Science or Mathematics. I’ve applied to Cambridge.

What about a job?

I’d like to do a PhD. Maybe accountancy or something to do with Computer Science.

Do you like the Orchard boarding house?

Yes, I think it’s quite a good house. There are more mature people. I like the fact that in Year 13 we have more choice and I have time to do revision at weekends.

Why is the level of Maths much higher in Korea?

We all go to academies after school for a few hours and a lot also go at weekends. If you go to a senior school, you stay there until 11pm. Universities only care about your grades, so there is a lot of competition. A lot of people retake the final exam – even up to 3 or 4 years after failing.