Bethany celebrates the Virtue of Learning with A level success

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The recent upward trend of pupils achieving A* and A grades continues at Bethany School with a number of high-achieving pupils securing places at their preferred universities.

This is a reflection of Bethany’s focus on its virtue of learning which highlights the importance of developing essential learning habits. This not only prepares pupils for success at A level but enables them to become effective lifelong learners in an ever-changing world, no matter what the future holds for them.

Bethany prides itself on offering an extensive range of courses at A level; these enable all our pupils to choose subjects which they enjoy and play to their strengths.

Head of School, Sam Marshall (Sevenoaks) is going to read Geography at Manchester University. On his success, his parents said: “Just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for Sam’s results and indeed his whole time at Bethany. We are absolutely thrilled that Sam has got what he needs and is off to Manchester to study Geography… We are so grateful to all of you for all your help and encouragement.”

We’re extremely proud of the hard work put in by all of our pupils, but some of the highlights include:

Rosie Lindsley (Smarden) has achieved straight As and will go on to Edinburgh University to study fashion.

George Knight (Cranbrook) has decided to stay local and will read History at the University of Kent.

David Coupe (Tunbridge Wells) is going to read Biochemistry at Bath.

Leon Li (Robertsbridge) is reading Accounting and Finance at Durham.

Bethany Lowther (Marden) will read Psychology at Leeds.

Henry Kirk (South London) took advantage of UCAS adjustment and with his excellent grades has earned a place at Liverpool University.

Francie Healy, Headmaster, said: “The hard work of our pupils and diligence of our committed staff has once again reaped rich reward. I am thrilled that so many of our pupils are going to their preferred universities and am equally proud of those who have chosen employment pathways.

“Here at Bethany we know the pupils in our care incredibly well, which means that pupils are both supported and challenged in equal measure through their educational journeys. Contrary to the financial restraints faced by maintained schools, which has resulted in reduced A level subjects on offer, we remain committed to a broad curriculum that maximises pupil choice and thereby optimises their opportunities to excel.”

Here are some quotes from parents and students:

Bethany School - David Coupe

Mr Coupe said of son David Coupe (above): “So proud that David got his first choice of Biochemistry at Bath University. A tribute to David’s hard work and Bethany School’s excellent teaching and support, enabling David to reach his potential academically. As well as this, Bethany has helped David develop into a happy, confident young man.”

Bethany Lowther is celebrating A level success

Mr Lowther said of daughter Bethany Lowther (above): “So proud of what Beth has achieved and where she is heading to university, an outcome that has much to do with the great teaching at Bethany School.”

Jake Bischoff and Harry Brushett are celebrating A level success.

Harry Brushett (above right) said: “Subject choices alongside outstanding teaching staff have allowed me to achieve A level results that were once unrealistic.”

Jake Bischoff (above left) said: “When I joined Bethany School two years ago I would have never believed I would have achieved such a positive outcome. Both teachers and subjects have made this possible.”

Bethany School - David Williams_Adam Thompson_Ethan Lawrence_Kuda Thomas

David Williams, Adam Thompson, Ethan Lawrence and Kuda Thomas

Mrs Thompson said of son Adam Thompson: “Adam is very pleased with his results! He has got into his first choice university at Reading and as parents we are extremely proud of him and thank Bethany for bringing out the best in him.”

Mr & Mrs Thomas said of son Kuda: “Kuda has achieved such good results, thanks to the staff at Bethany School. Bethany staff have cared for and supported Kuda, who lacked confidence when he joined the school. We would like to thank Mr Healy for giving Kuda an opportunity to study at Bethany, where the teachers know that all children are a bundle of possibilities.”

Kuda Thomas said: “I never thought I could achieve the results I have. I feel Bethany has shaped who I am and who I will be and wish everyone the best as I start a new chapter in my life.”