Beaver Computing Challenge Results

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​​​​​​​A couple of weeks ago, all pupils taking Computer Science across the school, took part in the Beaver Computing Challenge.

The challenge is about computational and logical thinking where pupils had to undertake a series of problem-solving tasks in 40 minutes. Here are the following pupils who won in their year group:

Year 13 – Harvey Butler-Frost
Year 12 – Luke Urquhart, also best in the Elite category
Year 11 – Sebastian Smith, also best in the Senior category
Year 10 – William Stoneham
Year 9 – Jolyon Bardoe-Pout, also best in the Intermediate category
Year 8 – Sienna Thomas Giles
Year 7 – Arthur Ford, also best in Junior category

Overall, Jolyon Bardoe-Pout was best in Bethany.

We have also seen an increase of pupils gaining marks within the 10% in the country and they are now through to the Oxford Computing Challenge, sponsored by the University of Oxford. These are:

• Arthur Ford
• Ashton Lacey
• Samuel Kennedy
• Samuel Dobson
• Olivia Fraser
• Jolyon Bardoe-Pout
• Sebastian Smith
• Luke Urquhart

They will go on to do their challenge in March and we’re looking forward to it.