Beauty & The Beast

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Download the programme here.

Welcome to everyone and I trust you are looking forward to the Junior Production of Beauty and the Beast. The year has come around so quickly and once more our pupils will be able to demonstrate their confidence in music, drama and dance. This show is known to many through the Disney 1991 animated film and, of course, the live action version premiered in 2017.

Beauty and the Beast provides a challenge especially to young performers as they are encouraged to make the characters unique. I hope after months of hard work, our pupils have achieved exactly that. It has also been a pleasure to see some of our younger performers take centre stage, many of whom hold scholarships within their performing arts specialism. The show is an opportunity to showcase our scholarship provision and highlight the talent within the School in all areas of performance.

Of course, a production can never get on to the stage without the support of the staff and I am immensely grateful to the production team who have dedicated time and energy into ensuring the music, acting, dancing and technical arrangements are in place for the performance. Pre-production on any show at Bethany requires months of planning, and staff have come together to make sure this year is a success. One of the challenges we face for Junior Production is the rehearsal time. Our pupils have learnt intricate dances, songs and complex acting scenes in only four months, in contrast to whole school production which has an additional two months. This often adds to the energy in rehearsal and I am sure you will agree our performers have achieved so much in such a short space of time.

I am also indebted to the support you, the audience, have provided. Live theatre is a unique experience and without committed parents, guardians, staff and other pupils the show would not take place. I am also grateful to FOBS for providing the refreshments for the show and I trust you will take full advantage of the selection available.

And so I ask you all to “Be our Guest”, and take a seat for Beauty and the Beast.

Mr Alex Bolton
Director of Performing Arts