Georgina Hill victorious in Year 12 Apprentice Challenge

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After five gruelling rounds, we had a winner!

The first three rounds in the Year 12 Apprentice Challenge required pupils to create a TV advert for a product of our choosing, ‘Grow Your Money’ and ‘Bake and Bank’. Some of the TV adverts were of a very high standard and hugely entertaining. The fundraising in ‘Grow Your Money’ proved to be an absolute triumph but the cakes in ‘Bake and Bank’, however, I am not sure would have rated too highly in the Showstopper Challenge on a certain TV show…

Eleven candidates were whittled down to three by the time of the fourth challenge, ‘Wish You Were Here’, in which candidates were asked to produce a set of five greetings cards for overseas visitors to send home. Once again, the standard was remarkable but someone had to be fired and, at this semi-final stage, it was Amy McQueen, despite an original and colourful set of cards.

Our final challenge was – as is traditional – ‘The Interview’, in which our candidates were given the flimsiest of preparation material and put in front of two stern and exacting judges. Georgina Hill and Maria Dougan both interviewed well despite their nervousness. However, there can only be one winner and, after a final demanding interrogation in the boardroom by our very own Lord Sugar, Georgina was hired, winning the first prize of £50.

Congratulations to all eleven candidates, who raised the remarkable sum of £1350 between them during the course of the competition; commiserations to Amy and especially Maria for being so near and yet so far, and very well done indeed to Georgina for beating them all to win the coveted spot as Lord Sugar’s Apprentice for 2018!