Anti-bullying week

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Anti-bullying week took place from Monday 13th November, and all week tutors dedicated time to raising awareness for this very important issue. Rev. Willoughby made all pupils aware of the importance in caring for one another in Chapel, while Mr Healy talked about cyber-bullying in his blog.

“We did the anti-bullying quiz from the ditchthelabel website in our tutor time this morning and had a discussion about the answers.  Most guessed the correct answers and some interesting points were raised concerning the difference between ‘banter’, bullying and criticism.  We thought about what makes bullying bullying – the motivation behind it and how the ‘victim’ feels being key factors.’

Mrs Tinson 

“In our tutor group, the pupils started by answering a questionnaire on bullying statistics – in some cases they were surprised by the answers.  They then watched an emotional video which prompted the pupils to think differently about bullying and offered some understanding as to some common reasons why people bully.  We finished with a couple of anecdotes that exemplified that whatever your age or wherever you go, being alert to bullying for yourself and others will remain relevant and important.”

Mrs Healy