Acknowledging Anti-Bullying Week at Bethany

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This week we have been recognising and acknowledging Anti-Bullying Week to raise awareness of what bullying is, the causes and effects and how it can be stopped. The Year 10 Mount pupils put together and delivered a tremendous presentation on anti-bullying which was really well received by the rest of the house. They explained the different methods of bullying, where you can go for support and how you can be a buddy and not a bully.

The Year 8 and 9 girls in Old Poplars were discussing kindness and respect and treating others how you would like to be treated. They also shared their ideas of showing respect and tutor Miss King was very proud of their mature responses. The Headmaster did an assembly dedicated to Anti-Bullying Week, explaining all the facts and figures to pupils from a survey conducted in 2016.

Learning about Anti-Bullying Week is important as we all need to have a shared understanding of what bullying is and if we do witness or experience it, how to prevent it from happening again.