When did you attend Bethany?

1970 – 1977

What are you doing now?

I am an investor director of a software company and an online alarm systems business. I am also a director of a Tunbridge Wells-based security business who are, amongst other things, the UK’s largest and oldest independent safe manufacturer.

What is your favourite memory of life at Bethany?

Comradeship and the lifelong friends made.

Did you have a favourite teacher/subject?

I had two: Paul Holmes/Geology and Chris Parkinson/Economics.

How did your experiences at Bethany help you in your career?

Above all, Bethany taught me great independence and to stand on my own two feet. It also helped me to develop great self-confidence and good social and interpersonal skills.

What advice would you give a Bethany pupil looking to work in the same field as you?

That is a difficult question, because my working life has been very diverse and multi-faceted. However, whilst I consider good academic qualifications absolutely essential to gain a foothold in one’s chose career, I also believe that starting at the bottom of a business and learning every aspect in detail along the way up to be absolutely invaluable, particularly if one day, one wants to run that business or to start one’s own business in the same field.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Enjoy a proper work/life balance. Enjoy each day for itself and don’t be impatient and wish your life away. Invest in property as soon as possible and never sell a property unless it’s absolutely essential to do so.

What do you value most about being connected to Bethany and The Bethany Network today?

I enjoy the friendship, the shared experiences and many memories.

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