When did you attend Bethany?

1969 to 1976.

What are you doing now?

I am now retired after 38 years of working for three different Lloyds’ Insurance Brokers in the City.

What is your favourite memory of life at Bethany?

Very difficult to answer but probably close friendships. There were also things that didn’t seem funny at the time but which amuse me now looking back on them!

Did you have a favourite teacher/subject?

Mr (Harry) Salmon who taught French. It was a real joy to meet him again on Reunion Day last year.

How did your experiences at Bethany help you in your career?

I think it taught me the importance of getting things done in a timely fashion although that is something I still struggle with.

What advice would you give a Bethany pupil looking to work in the same field as you?

There are opportunities for a wide range of careers in the insurance industry particularly in the City.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

Believe in yourself more.

What do you value most about being connected to Bethany and The Bethany Network today?

I value the friendships I have made with people that I wasn’t necessarily at school with, even people from completely different eras. I also value friendships that I have made with various members of staff in recent years.


Nick Randell presenting prizes to two pupils