When did you attend Bethany?
2006 – 2013

What are you doing now?
I am currently working on the Graduate Scheme for Vodafone Group. I’ve just been a Project Manager and just began a new role for Vodafone International Enterprise as an Analyst.

What is your favourite memory of life at Bethany?
I had a great experience and time at Bethany, I have far too many to choose just one!

Did you have a favourite teacher/subject?
My favourite subjects were Food Technology and Textiles.

How did your experiences at Bethany help you in your career?
My experiences at Bethany helped me in lots of ways! My peers from school were from all over the world, so this has helped me to build friendships and connections in the work environment quickly. Studying at Bethany also made me realise I’m very much a visual person and this has helped me to convey my ideas at Vodafone. I use skills I discovered in my A Levels (English Literature, Textiles, Food Technology and Media Studies) almost every day which I never thought would happen going into a large corporate; for example, helping others with video editing software so they can share meetings with their larger teams.

What advice would you give a Bethany pupil looking to work in the same field as you?
I would definitely recommend taking a placement year if you go to university, I think they are the best way to network and get yourself out there. You learn so much in one year and this helps a lot when you first become a graduate as it gives you an advantage. Apprenticeships are also a great way to get into the workplace as it gives you a 2-3-year relationship with the company. Someone I knew on my placement year did extremely well out of his apprenticeship and is now employed full time with them, is a manager and travels all over Europe. Whichever path you choose, work experience is key!

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?
To have more faith in myself and not to worry as much! Enjoy school while you’re there; all my friends miss the small things like hanging out in The Orchard Common Room!

What do you value most about being connected to Bethany and The Bethany Network today?
It gives you the chance to connect with people you haven’t seen in years.