When did you attend Bethany?

1987 – 1994

What are you doing now?

Sales Director for a technology start-up. Although I’ve spent most of my career working in youth charities.

What is your favourite memory of life at Bethany?

There are many. Some which I’d better not admit to! One of my favourites is the memories from our California Rugby Tour early 90’s.

Did you have a favourite teacher/subject?

Mr Holmes. He was my House Master. He was an elderly man, whose quick smile, nurturing demeanour, and strong values, help me and my closest friends at The Mount understand the value of taking responsibility.

How did your experiences at Bethany help you in your career?

The sport gave me the foundations of leadership skills; being made accountable made me understand the value of taking responsibility; the highs gave me the experience of fun, joy, and companionship; the lows built my resilience. It didn’t matter what I would go on and do, such experiences build your character early on. And later in life, that’s a hard thing to train.

I must also add that I arrived at Bethany as a below average student in terms of academic ability. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in my first year and received additional English support throughout my time at Bethany. I left with the second-best A levels of my year group. Without this support I would have continued to struggle academically and would have continued to be very frustrated and angry (that’s what dyslexia can do to people). Bethany gave me what I needed when I needed it, and as a result my life is very different from what it could have been had I gone to a less supportive and active school.

What advice would you give a Bethany pupil looking to work in the same field as you?

I would simply encourage anyone thinking about a similar career to aim for a university course in something that excites them. But most importantly, enjoy your time at Bethany. When I was young, adults used to say these are the best days of your life. They weren’t lying. Get involved, get your head down, be kind to yourself and others, ask for help readily, be there for your mates, and if you’re not sure what to do – do the right thing.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self?

The same advice I now give my children: just because everyone else does it, doesn’t mean it’s right.

What do you value most about being connected to Bethany and The Bethany Network today?

It’s a chance to be grateful for what I got from my time there.