Hockey report round-up

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U15 Hockey v Ashford – 7th Nov

The U15 played with brilliant positional play, moving the ball around well and making the correct tactical decisions. Special mentions go to Player of the Match, Sophie Ovenden, who opened the scoring, followed by Taylor Muller with 2 goals. Ashford scored two goals in the second half, but an impressive performance from the defensive team of Tumi Peters, Jenny Dougan, Libby King, Amelia Midgley and Sophie Hamill in goal, managed to keep the ball out to secure the victory. Coaches’ Player went to Lorraine Bonsu for her consistent effort and movement around the pitch.

Final score 3-2 win to Bethany

Player of the Match: Sophie Ovenden

Coaches’ Player: Lorraine Bonsu

U13 Hockey v Ashford – 8th Nov

U13 played a duo of brilliant games versus Ashford. With Tilly Hinde scoring in the first couple of minutes of the game, we kept our structure allowing the midfield and forward to move up the pitch. A momentary lapse of concentration allowed Ashford to slip through and score, followed by a second goal near the end of the game.

Final score 2 – 1 to Ashford.

Player of the Match: Tilly Hinde

Coaches’ Player: Josie Tabb

In the second game the girls went out with confidence, however fatigue started to affect our game and Ashford scored. We continued to fight, with goalkeeper Alex Boughton making several saves. However, the Ashford keeper was too strong, and we struggled to score. The girls are developing a better tactical understanding of the game which is a great improvement.

Final score 3-0 to Ashford

Player of the Match: Beth Kuhepa

Coaches’ Player: Charlotte Ensor

1st Hockey v Ashford – 9th Nov

This was a fantastically competitive game with both teams improving throughout the game. Ashford scored in the first half with Bethany playing catch-up, but not managing to find the back of the goal.

In the second half, the girls fought to get the game back, pressing the ball high up the pitch to keep the pressure on the Ashford defence. A quick tactical decision from Georgia Lello to take a sideliner quickly led to the equalising goal scored by Claire Day. Special mention should also go to Georgina Hill for her tireless work in defence, as well as Eleanor Hardwick for her significant improvement and contribution to the game. The game finished one-all, which was a very fair result for both teams.

Final score 1-1

Player of the Match: Georgia Lello

Coaches’ Player: Eleanor Hardwick

U15 Hockey Granville league – 14th Nov

The U15 hockey team competed in the Granville league tournament, playing against King’s Rochester, Sir Roger Manwood’s, and Ashford School. Although the 7-a-side is a very different game, the girls adapted well, with Taylor Muller and Imogen Daddy linking and Sophie Hamill making several crucial saves in goal. All the girls did themselves proud, giving 100% every time they stepped on the pitch. Well done.

Result: 3rd

Player of the Match: Taylor Muller

Coaches’ Player: Imogen Daddy

U13 Hockey Granville League – 15th Nov

Playing against several different schools, the girls made great progress throughout the tournament, losing the first game 3-0, drawing the second 0–0 and narrowly losing 1-0 against Sir Roger Manwood’s in our last and best performance of the day. Every member of the squad learnt something from the afternoon’s competitive tournament. Great effort.

Result: 3rd

Player of the Match: Milla Liu

Coaches’ Player: Delilah Hutchings

1st XI Hockey v Granville league – 16th Nov

A narrow defeat in the first game (1–0) meant that the team went into the plate competition. Playing against Dover, King’s Rochester and Ashford, the girls played some very competitive hockey. Special mention should go to Libby Donegan and Georgina Hill for their tireless work rate, Georgia Lello’s superb carrying of the ball and Jemima Bischoff’s support from the defence up to the forwards. Belle Zhou came into her own during the tournament and demonstrated more flare and confidence. As always, Lorenza gave a fearless performance saving several goals throughout the afternoon.

Result: Joint 3rd in the plate competition

Player of the Match: Belle Zhou

Coaches’ Player: Lorenza Dougan